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Symco Digital announces IBM partnership

Symco Digital is proud to announce we have achieved IBM Business Partner status. IBM technologies, in particular their integration, cloud platform and data products, are one of our key areas of experience, and it is a natural progression for us to formalise this with IBM.

To mark this milestone, we asked our Technical Director, Parvaiz Nazir, to give us his thoughts on the partnership and how IBM technologies can have a positive impact on our customers:

What's your previous experience with IBM solutions?

"I have been working with many of the IBM integration products for the past 20 years. I started working for IBM software services, as a product specialist on Websphere Interchange server. This was the predecessor to BPM. Over the years I have also worked with IBM MQ, IBM Message Broker (now ACE) and API Connect. Over time my role evolved from development to design and finally to Architecture. Over this period I have been part of the evolving thinking, moving away from building point-to-point interfaces, to hub & spoke, re-usable Services (SOA), event-based, API and micro-service-based architectures."

What benefits do you see in using the IBM technology stack for systems integration?

"It's a proven technology used for complex and critical services across every sector from finance, retail, energy, manufacturing to government, etc. The products are well understood and most of the teething issues are resolved. The products are consistently evolving to keep up & in some cases lead with the latest technological breakthroughs. And with our partnership and contacts within IBM, we ensure that the support and service sitting alongside the products is second to none."

How do you think becoming an IBM partner benefits Symco Digital and our clients?

"This partnership demonstrates our experience and commitment to IBM technologies and shows to our clients that they are dealing with a specialist IBM focussed organisation. Our service provision is underpinned and bolstered by being able to access IBM expertise, products, training and partner network. And overall, our clients can have full confidence that they are engaging with a professional organisation, with certified consultants."

What's your first step when approaching a new client looking to use IBM technology for integration?

"IBM offers many products, some with overlapping capabilities. It is important to understand what the clients' needs are - where they are looking to be in 2, 5, and 10 years. We can then help build the roadmap, target architecture, select the right product(s) and create a suitable framework to meet the specific needs of the business and users, and set the foundations for success."

To find out more about our IBM integration offerings, take a look at our integration solutions page or contact us to discuss how we can help.

Symco Digital, IBM Business Partner.


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