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Intelligent Automation and RPA

When businesses want to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce costs, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a natural choice. The technology eases the burden on humans by using software to manage mundane, repetitive. high-volume and rules-based tasks. 

Coded software bots that automate human tasks

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Examples of RPA in practice

  • Call Center Operations

  • Data migration/entry and forms processing

  • Human Resources

  • Help desk

  • Claims administration

  • Support the sales process

  • Scheduling systems

  • Credit card applications

  • Expense management

  • Data Replication

  • Supply chain management

Symco Digital views RPA and Intelligent Automation in the wider business context. We consider your current technology landscape and business culture, any pre-existing investment in automation or RPA tools, and take a holistic, platform-driven approach to meet your goals.

Wherever you are on your automation journey, our specialists provide guidance, innovation, and support to understand, assess and select the right areas for automation. We will then work with you to implement progressive solutions that demonstrate value from the outset.

We deliver smooth and straightforward RPA implementation process that will have your team delivering measurable new efficiencies almost immediately.


We start with a workshop to identify and analyse your processes and your needs. From there, we develop use cases and prioritise them for optimal performance before beginning the implementation process.

Request a demo and free RPA workshop with no obligation below.

"Based on these findings, our tool will instantaneously provide an estimate of potential savings realised by introducing automation. This allows us to prioritise the use cases that produce the quickest ROI."

We have selected EZFlow® as our Intelligent Automation Platform technology when implementing automation solutions for our clients and partners. 

EZFlow platform provides a suite of tools enabling process exploration, automation and orchestration in a simple user-friendly package. It includes RPA capability out of the box, as well as a unique ability to seamlessly integrate and orchestrate pre-existing RPA bots from a range of other vendors.


This allows businesses to maximise return from legacy investment in RPA as well as benefiting from a harmonised multi-vendor environment for their automation needs.

Symco Digital also has significant expertise in traditional Business Process Modelling and Automation tools which help us understand and work within your current technology landscape.


EZFlow® RPA success stories


For our Manufacturing client we helped them measure and quantify unrealised revenue recovery, reduced number of shipments, reduction in time spent on manual tasks, also translating this into monetary values where appropriate.


This led to us being recognised as Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2021 Winner.

At a University we automated student document uploads improving processing time by 150%, completely eliminateing manual processes and reducing process touch points from 38 to 2.


This saved the university 1,230 hours of manual effort per year, and more importantly, improved service response time and reduced errors.

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