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Digital Delivery

Delivery Management

Symco Digital provides a comprehensive delivery management service covering cloud migration, digital transformation, agile project management and business change delivery.

Our service drives forward complex initiatives at both niche-market and enterprise-scale, using clear vision, pragmatism, collaboration, and placing the needs of users and business at the core of each decision and action.

  • Highly experienced and qualified technical project and programme managers.

  • Places business needs and user requirements at centre the delivery.

  • Outward looking engagement and clear communications as project ambassadors.

  • Harmonises agile practices with legacy constraints and enterprise governance culture.

  • Risk-first approach pro-actively uncovers, understands and reduces uncertainty in delivery.

  • Draws upon diverse skillsets and varied backgrounds.

  • Motivates and inspires teams with holistic vision of end-goal and benefits.

  • Coaches client’s individuals and teams.

  • Continual improvement - always seeking and understanding the “why”...

"Symco’s team show natural leadership, have been extremely effective at IPO, and a pleasure to work with."

Team Meeting

Discovery, requirements and business case

"Symco contributed a huge amount to the Programme's success particularly in the planning, resourcing, stakeholder management, risk and problem solving spaces."

Brainstorming Session

Before you commit to building a service, you need to understand the problem that needs to be solved.

We deliver rapid yet deep analysis focus on users and business needs, providing clarity on which to base investment decisions and setting in place foundations and roadmap for a successful alpha phase.

  • Aligned to guidelines in GDS Service Manual for Discovery Phase.

  • Rapid information gathering, analysis and conclusions in 4-8 weeks.

  • Full exploration of the problem space.

  • Constructively challenge set beliefs with open mind and professional curiosity.

  • Capture and document the business needs which will underpin delivery.

  • Consider internal constraints, risks and external factors e.g. PESTEL.

  • Share intent and findings widely with professional engagement and show-and-tells.

  • Viable scope and roadmap for Alpha including quick wins identification.

  • Modelling, mock-ups, demonstrations as required to bring findings to life.

  • Concise business case development with sufficient detail enabling funding decisions.

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