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  • Vijay Tatineni

Symco Digital awarded position on CCS Automation Framework

Symco Digitial is proud to announce that it has been accepted onto the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Automation Marketplace.

This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is for use by Central Government customers, the wider public sector, their associated bodies and agencies.

The Automation Marketplace DPS allows customers to buy automation services and licences to support digital transformation. The services offered under the DPS will help support customers to improve their business processes and reduce costs by introducing and using automation services.

Our position on this DPS is well aligned to two of our specialisms:

Intelligent Automation & RPA - using the EZFlow platform by our Partners EPSoft

Symco Digital is partnered with EPSoft, provider of the EZFlow platform - everything you need for end-to-end business process management and intelligent automation in one integrative platform.

We offer solutions powered by EZFlow to provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as wider integration and orchestration of RPA services from other providers.

You can read about our recent partnership with EPSoft here.

And learn more about EPSoft's innovative platform on their website here:

IBM Business Automation products and consultancy

We specialise in IBM solutions covering IBMs Automation and Cloud Pak product, including:

  • Cloud Pak for Business Automation - automate business operations to achieve better performance.

  • Cloud Pak for Integration - automate applications and data-flows to connect systems for better client experiences.

  • Business Automation Workflow (BAW) - unite information, processes and users to help automate digital workflows and case management.

You can find more details on IBM's automation technologies here:

Public sector customers now have a direct route-to-market to procure solutions, services and resources related to these two areas directly via the framework in a rapid and flexible way.

CCS describe the benefits of this commercial route as follows:

  • Flexible route to market.

  • Allows customers to access the most innovative market solutions.

  • Increased scope of services from previous Cabinet Office RPA agreement to include licensing.

  • Dynamic filtering system giving customers flexibility based on their own requirements.

  • The filter system ensures the right suppliers are notified about relevant opportunities.

  • Competition process can be tailored and scaled to match customer requirements.

  • Services benefit from further competition enabling customers to get best value for money.

For a discussion about how to use this new commercial route to procure Automation solutions and services, please contact us here.

Symco Digital


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