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IR35 Solution

Solving your IR35 prolems

The IR35 regulations announced by the UK government will be applied to all companies from 2021. The regulations are aimed at freelancers working through their limited companies and places tax liability with the employer if HMRC determines that tax is due.

At Symco Digital we can help ensure projects are not impacted by companies not being able to hire and retain in-demand consultants with key skills. 

"we specialise in delivering specific projects and services to our clients with a defined set of deliverables"

Our approach

By consolidating off-payroll resources into a services contract we can help you ensure the delivery of critical projects, while simultaneously mitigating potential IR35 exposure.


We understand how to structure the most suitable outcome-based contracts for your requirements. We are ideally placed to reduce IR35 exposure to any organisation which utilises IT contractors and is concerned about critical projects amidst the disruption around IR35.

  • We deliver services with defined outcomes rather than individual freelancers.

  • Consultants delivering services will be Symco Digital employees or contracted directly to Symco, hence the IR35 risk is with us.

  • We are a UK based organisation, focused on delivering high-quality services.

  • We are not an umbrella company.

  • We will not use open-ended contracts.

  • We never name individual consultants on contracts and are able to provide experienced substitutes.

  • We are able to respond to increased demand for skills and resources.  

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Next steps

Find out how we can help support your projects without the worry of IR35 compliance. Please complete the contact form below for a no-obligation conversation to benefit from our experience.

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