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Symco Digital partners with EPSoft to deliver innovative Intelligent Automation solutions.

This strategic partnership brings together EPSoft’s leading process automation technology products with Symco’s vision for digital transformation and expertise in integral business change.

We have recently formalised our partnership with EPSoft Technologies to leverage their innovative platform-based approach to automation. (Full press release here). EPSoft have developed their EZFlow platform in line with a holistic vision for intelligent automation, covering a much wider context than just Robotic Process Automation (RPA). At Symco Digital we share this vision!

RPA as a technology is now almost universally seen as beneficial across all sectors of business, and is widely adopted as a solution. The RPA market is filled with a range of large, established vendors with specific solutions. But this has brought a new set of problems - including lock-in to single vendors, lack of integration across different vendors, wasted investment and integration challenges when trying to evolve and adapt solutions to rapidly changing business and technical landscapes.

Future value in the intelligent automation market will come from those who look outside the blinkers of RPA itself - they will focus on how to scale, integrate, and harmonise multiple vendors and capabilities to form adaptable, agile solutions, with centralised enabling platforms, that truly align to the wider context of the rapidly evolving businesses they serve.

EZFlow from EPSoft realises this platform-driven vision. It seamless integrates across complex technical landscapes and delivers a single, user-friendly interface to discover, orchestrate, manage and evolve all business and robotic automation within your organisation. And it is the only platform which works in harmony with the current largest RPA vendors right out of the box, as well as providing its own native RPA capability ready for rapid deployment wherever required.

We believe this is a unique proposition, and the future of automation solutions.

Out thoughts on some common questions can be seen below:

With a number of established RPA vendors already providing benefits to the majority of enterprise businesses globally, where does EZFlow fit in?

EZFlow does not seek to replace or compete with existing RPA vendors. It is a platform solution that integrates and orchestrates all automation across your organisation.

What type of business can EZFlow benefit?

Automation has use cases across virtually every industry sector. The EZFlow platform provides unique capabilities for all sizes of business and enables us to meet you wherever you are on your intelligent automation journey.

Smaller organisations taking their first steps into intelligent automation benefit from the Process Intelligence Module - Process intelligence uses the power of discovery, leveraging a big-picture view and a deep-dive analysis that identifies potential improvement throughout your business process. With EZFlow’s process intelligence tools, you get a real-time view of your current workflows and easy-to-follow recommendations for improving bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Organisations with more established RPA investments already operational can benefit from the Control Centre Module - The Control Center of the EZFlow platform is where you manage your automations across your new hybrid workflows and systems. Built for business users and managers alike, this central hub gives you single-pane visibility to centrally orchestrate and govern all your process management efforts with intelligent automation.

An overview of all 4 EZFlow modules can be seen here.

What are the typical use cases for EZFlow?

Typical processes suitable for RPA and intelligent automation are high-frequency, repetitive and/or rules-based. Common cross-industry use cases include:

  • Invoice Processing

  • Quote to Cash

  • Issuing Refunds

  • Expense Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Creating and Sending Invoices

  • Processing Customer Emails

  • Accounts Receivable/Payable

You can read more about the most common use cases on EPSoft's website here.

- Symco Digitial, proud to be powered by EPSoft.


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