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EZFlow Platform

Your Intelligent Automation Platform


What’s Inside The EZFlow
Intelligent Automation Platform

Process Intelligence


Process Intelligence is where you leverage the power of discovery. Improve your success rate with a deep dive analysis that uncovers all the potential in your current business processes. Get a realistic view of how your workflows currently exist, exposing bottlenecks and other inefficiencies where improvements can be made that will deliver a clear ROI.

Business Process Studio


Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have existing process models, the Business Process Studio will allow you to visualize and adjust workflows in real time. This is also where you assign tasks to either people or automation bots. For those that will be automated, EZFlow automatically kickstarts the next phase for you, pre-building it and sending it over to the Automation Engine.

Automation Engine


The Automation Engine is where you develop and deploy your automations. With little to no coding, you can create new automation tasks using easy drag-and-drop tools. As your business automations evolve to be more advanced, this is also the part of the platform where you’ll incorporate AI, leveraging tech like machine learning, OCR, NLP, NLG and more.

Control Center


With new hybrid workflows featuring tasks for both humans and automation bots, orchestration of all the moving parts becomes a key factor to success. The Control Center gives you this and more, with a single-pane view from which to govern and centrally orchestrate every aspect of every process. This unified view helps you coordinate operations with better transparency and adds efficiencies that reduce overhead costs.

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