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Building strong foundations at Symco Digital

Symco Digital's journey started just over a year ago at a UK Government organisation. Our current leadership team, all independent contractors at the time, were engaged via a number of different intermediary companies as technical specialists on a micro-services integration programme. This work sought to design and develop a large set of re-usable technical components, which we called building blocks.

Our skillsets covered architecture, development, automation, DevOps and delivery management.

We soon realised we were surrounded by a wealth of talented people from a range of different places. As single resources, we were thriving in the contract market (despite the challenges of remote working and lockdown conditions), but when mobilised together behind a single vision the results were clear. We had an opportunity to formally unite a high-performing team to take on bigger and better projects in future - and to do it together as a team.

Symco Digital was born.

Back to the present, and we have continued in our individual commitments to ensure the success of that first major project which first brought us together. We are very proud of our contribution to the suite of lightweight microservices developed. These were arranged in a service-oriented architecture and exposed as API end-points for consumption by customer-facing web services in a major digital transformation that is underway within the organisation. The approach has enabled huge benefits by way of re-usability, scalability and future business agility.

This success cemented us as a collective team and proved to ourselves and others that we have the combined skillset to deliver complex end-to-end integration projects. The building blocks theme seemed appropriate to our own journey and aspirations for the future, and even inspired our company logo.

We were also delighted to receive this feedback from our Product Owner within the end-client organisation:

"The consultants contributed a huge amount to the Programme's success particularly in the planning, resourcing, stakeholder management, risk and problem solving spaces. They are clearly comfortable working on a range of diverse technologies, showing great understanding of the different integration, containerisation, workflow, security and storage products.
Symco’s team show natural leadership, have been extremely effective, and a pleasure to work with."

What's next for Symco Digital?

With the foundations laid, we are now building out our network of partners, associates and clients. Our heritage is grounded in systems integration, business process automation, cloud technology and the IBM technology stack.

We have a highly collaborative, flexible and pragmatic approach, and if you are interested in any of our previous work, or how we could work together in future, we'd love to hear from you.

Government organisations can currently engage with Symco directly via G-Cloud, and while we develop other positions on additional UK Government frameworks, we are also actively engaging with other more established consultancies to augment their own propositions with our technical specialists.

The coming months will be an exciting time for us with more announcements in the pipeline. We hope you will join us on the journey!

A one-page case study summarising the work of our founding members on our most recent project is shown below.

Thanks for reading!

4 Kommentare

01. Sept. 2021

Were you actually contracted by the IPO or were you contracted as individuals? There is no record of any tender being issued and you being awarded it?

Gefällt mir
08. Sept. 2021
Antwort an

We're sorry you feel that way, and hopefully any confusion is now cleared up. We're hugely proud of the work we delivered at IPO, and I feel that the outcome and quality of the people involved is the main message here - rather than the contractual routes used by our consultants. For new companies who are not yet on major government frameworks, it's not uncommon for intermediary recruitment organisations etc. to be required in the commercial route, but I don't think that should take away from the positive impact that our people have had. We are very happy to talk about that journey from being single contractors, to forming a company with wider delivery capability, and we appreciate your interest!

Gefällt mir
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